See What Our Clients Are Saying


  • “Having worked closely with Van Loo Fiduciary Services, I have observed their staff to be approachable, knowledgeable, organized and kind in all situations.  I have found them to be responsive and timely.  I believe that Van Loo Fiduciary has a sincere caring for the welfare of their clients.  I have on more than one occasion witnessed their honestly and integrity when dealing with their clients assets and belongings.  I would trust them with the care of myself or any of my family members.”

    Craig Weintz Windermere Realtor
  • “I was grateful to find out that a professional fiduciary services could fill the role of guardian and conservator.  I’ve been very pleased with the thoroughness and compassion Van Loo Fiduciary Services has provided.  They were a great find for me.  Because of the adversarial situation with my other family members, the service was a blessing for me, it saved my life!”

    R. K. Client
  • “As an elder law attorney, I have found VLFS to be an absolute pleasure to work with.  The experience and calm demeanor, not to mention the attention to detail and diligence with which they manage the cases on which we work together, give me a unique opportunity to provide invaluable assistance to those who would benefit from the skill set of a professional fiduciary.  Cindy is virtually unflappable.” 

    Tamara Maher Attorney
  • “Cindy is an outstanding fiduciary.  She is skilled and experienced with all aspects of her job.  Most importantly, she truly cares about her clients.  She is a good listener and is diligent in making sure her clients wishes are honored.  I always know that my clients are in good hands when they are working with Cindy.”

    J. R. Attorney
  • “I work frequently with the professionals at Van Loo Fiduciary Services.  They take their responsibilities on behalf of their clients seriously and work diligently to meet their needs.  I know the firm has earned the respect and trust of our local judges, attorneys, health care providers and other professionals who work with adults and children suffering from mental and physical disabilities.  Your friend or family member will be well cared for by the staff of Van Loo Fiduciary Services.”

    Garth Galyon Granite Point Tax Group, LLC